ChemDoodle Mobile v1.1 is Available!

15 August 2011, Comments Comments Off on ChemDoodle Mobile v1.1 is Available!

ChemDoodle Mobile v1.1 is now available on the Apple App Store. ChemDoodle Mobile for Android is still under development, and should hopefully be ready soon.

  • Username is now saved when logging out to ease logging back in.
  • Element list and periodic table are now provided to choose all element labels for sketching. This button replaces the hydrogen label button in the Atoms toolbar.
  • Spectra now return back to the original scale when reloaded.
  • Y-axis grids are now displayed for the NMR spectra.
  • X-axis now intelligently lays out tick labels so they don’t overlap.
  • Improved borders for spectra.
  • Added missing help sections.
  • Fixed issue to handle weird characters in save file names.
  • Fixed bug where the interface would appear permanently zoomed in if the accessibility zoom setting is enabled.