2 June 2010

ChemDoodle 2 Desupport Notice

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Support for ChemDoodle version 2 will be discontinued as of the end of this year, December 31st, 2010. ChemDoodle 3 has been released and […]

24 May 2010

ChemDoodle 3 is Available!

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ChemDoodle 3 has been released! Over the last year, we have been working with many individuals from academia and industry to further improve ChemDoodle. […]

30 April 2010

ChemDoodle + Ubuntu 10.04

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Ubuntu 10.04 LTS was just released and we have finished our tests on the platform. ChemDoodle 3 runs beautifully on the upgraded Ubuntu OS […]

27 April 2010

ChemDoodle 3 Beta Testing

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ChemDoodle 3 beta testing will begin on Monday, May 3rd. We will be accepting the first 50 applicants from each operating system (Windows, Mac […]

27 April 2010

About Feature Requests

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Feature requests are made for ChemDoodle almost every day. Some features are beyond the scope of ChemDoodle and we will try to explain why […]

23 April 2010

Lines, Arcs and Reactions

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In ChemDoodle 2, lines, arcs and reactions were all distinct objects. This was a simplistic and straightforward system meant to be easy to learn. […]

17 April 2010

ChemDoodle on Android

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We finally had a bit of a break this weekend to fiddle around with the mobile Android OS (version 2.1). The 2D ChemDoodle Web […]

16 April 2010

Poll Results: ChemDoodle Tiering

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The last poll has closed and the results are close. 45% voted to tier ChemDoodle into Basic and Pro packages while 55% voted for […]

14 April 2010

Improved Preferences

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The entire interface has been polished for ChemDoodle 3 and it looks spectacular. Of all the windows in ChemDoodle though, the Preferences window has […]

2 April 2010

Draw Structures Faster!

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One frequent comment from ChemDoodle users is that it takes too many clicks to draw a structure. Well, we have listened to your suggestions […]

17 March 2010

WebGL Anti-aliasing in WebKit

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The latest nightly build of WebKit provides anti-aliasing for WebGL rendered scenes. Anti-aliasing makes edges look smooth and allows objects to blend together and […]

16 March 2010

Data, Algorithms and Cheminformatics

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ChemDoodle 3 is a very powerful chemical graphics and publishing environment. We have also invested a lot of effort over the last year in […]

10 March 2010

Materials Informatics and Abstract Graphics

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The Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling just published some of my work with my colleagues from UC: Berkeley. The article concerns the abstract […]

3 March 2010

Search your computer for long lost chemicals

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ChemDoodle 3 contains a new widget to allow you to search your hard drive and any attached storage devices for chemical structures. With the […]

23 February 2010

ChemDoodle 3 can create dynamic web content

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ChemDoodle 3 has the ability to generate ChemDoodle Web Components for you, so you do not need to master Javascript to build dynamic and […]

8 February 2010

3D ChemDoodle Web Components

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We are happy to announce the release of the 3D ChemDoodle Web Components based on WebGL technology. Kevin has published a nice introduction to […]

2 February 2010

Peter Ertl: Molecular structure input on the web

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Peter Ertl, of JME fame, wrote a brief overview of the trend towards web-based chemical applications in the open Journal of Cheminformatics. He describes […]

29 January 2010

iPad Development

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We have received a few emails asking us to provide ChemDoodle on the iPad. We have had several internal discussions since the unveiling of […]

19 January 2010

Spectroscopy + ChemDoodle 3

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We certainly have been busy with ChemDoodle 3 development as its release approaches. One major new capability of ChemDoodle 3 is the inclusion of […]

19 January 2010

ChemDoodle + Ubuntu 9.10

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We have tested ChemDoodle with the new Ubuntu 9.10 release and everything works as expected. As always, when there is a new operating system […]