ChemDoodle Web Components

5 July 2017

ChemDoodle Web Components 8 is Available!

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Version 8 is the largest update to the ChemDoodle Web Components to date! Many new features are included for both the 2D and 3D […]

19 May 2017

Mechanism Matching

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An impactful algorithm that we have been working on recently is mechanism matching. The algorithm will automatically match drawn mechanisms for you, regardless of […]

15 July 2015

ChemDoodle Web Components 7 review in JCheminf

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Melanie C. Burger of ImagineeringArt has written a very extensive review of the ChemDoodle Web Components v7 that is now published in the open […]

12 March 2015

Harvard Clean Energy Project chooses ChemDoodle

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Cambridge, MA, March 12, 2015 — The Harvard Clean Energy Project, a project key to advancing solar cell materials and applications, and iChemLabs™ LLC., […]

31 January 2015

ChemDoodle Web Components 7 is Available!

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We are happy to launch ChemDoodle Web Components 7. This is a major update to the ChemDoodle Web Components with new additions to the […]

20 September 2014

WebGL update, now universal!

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WebGL has continued to evolve since its debut in 2010. I previously wrote about WebGL as it was developing and the WebGL features that […]

6 August 2014

ThermoFisher Scientific ChemSearch App powered by ChemDoodle

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New Mobile App Features Chemical Drawing Software, Speeds Research Enables chemists to quickly access chemical structures and compounds required for daily work August 06, […]

15 May 2014

LabArchives partners with iChemLabs

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Carlsbad, CA, May 13, 2014 — LabArchives, the developers of the innovative electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) LabArchives™, and iChemLabs™ LLC., the developer of the […]

12 January 2014

ChemDoodle Web Components 6 is Available!

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We are happy to launch ChemDoodle Web Components 6. Included are many new features for creating powerful educational content, including traditional Lewis Dot Structures, […]

6 November 2013

iChemLabs partners with Elixir Software

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Elixir Software Integrates ChemDoodle Web Components Chester, UK (PRWEB) November 06, 2013 – Elixir Software Ltd, a leading prov ider of web-based, visual workflow […]

22 July 2013

CRC Press chooses ChemDoodle

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Many companies are choosing to use the ChemDoodle Web Components in their proprietary mobile and web applications. We are happy to announce our partnership […]

10 June 2013

ChemDoodle Web Components 5.2.2 is Available!

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A minor update for the ChemDoodle Web Components has been released, version 5.2.2. This update fixes some issues, and most notably stabilizes our WebGL […]

18 April 2013

ChemDoodle Web Components 5.2 is Available!

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We are happy to release ChemDoodle Web Components version 5.2. This release focuses on perfecting the sketcher and adding in a few unique features […]

20 March 2013

IUPAC Naming

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We want to share with you a preview of our IUPAC naming feature coming soon to ChemDoodle. IUPAC naming has been the most requested […]

25 February 2013

ChemDoodle Web Sketcher Proprietary Options

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Over the last couple months, we have received countless requests to provide small business proprietary licensing options for the ChemDoodle Web Components 2D Sketcher. […]

24 February 2013

GRC Workshop 2013

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If you are interested in scientific graphics and would like to meet a number of very friendly and smart people with similar interests, you […]

24 February 2013

ChemDoodle Web Components 5.1 is Available!

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We are happy to release ChemDoodle Web Components version 5.1. We are continuing to add new features that are requested by our customers and […]

16 December 2012

ChemDoodle Web Components 5 is Available!

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We are happy to launch ChemDoodle Web Components 5. This update brings many features for those looking for a superior HTML5 chemical sketcher. We […]

5 May 2012

ChemDoodle Web Components 4.7.0 is Available!

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ChemDoodle Web Components 4.7.0 has been released. Many companies are now switching from their Java applet and Flash applications to the ChemDoodle Web Components. […]

25 April 2012

Jmol Integrates ChemDoodle Web Components

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One of the difficult issues when working with software is that technology continuously changes. This is even more true in the mobile era. In […]