iChemLabs produces the following brands:

  1. ChemDoodle
  2. ChemStack
  3. The Tuples: BioTuple and ChemTuple


ChemDoodle is the brand including our desktop, web and mobile software for chemical graphics and publishing.



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ChemStack is our enterprise offering for easily building intelligent chemical systems. ChemStack includes all the technologies necessary for producing any type of system, from structure search to ELNs to eLearning platforms. ChemStack is also portable, supporting any platform, from desktop to web to mobile with a single codebase.

The Tuples

BioTuple and ChemTuple are our scientific data and informatics environments.

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BioTuple is a bioinformatics software environment for working with sequence data and performing bioinformatics and genetics tasks. BioTuple includes various views of functionality for performing tasks from editing to calculations to alignments. BioTuple is optimized for working with sets of sequence data called biotuples to improve workflow efficiency and free scientists from wrestling with software and files so they can focus on their research.


ChemTuple is coming soon!
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