iChemLabs™ produces high quality applications and libraries that are both accessible and affordable to students and scientists. We intend to reach as many users as possible and to bring solutions to the scientists that need them. Therefore, it is a goal of ours to support all operating systems including Linux, all web browsers for our web technologies, and all platforms including netbooks and mobile devices. In addition to our products, iChemLabs will also provide consulting and custom development.


Our goal is to produce quality applications that are easily accessible to students and scientists. Our flagship desktop product is the chemical structure environment and publishing tool, ChemDoodle®. iChemLabs supports its applications on Windows, Mac and Linux.

There is also a huge potential for web applications to revolutionize how the sciences are presented. We specialize in cutting edge web technologies and provide creative solutions for organizations looking to excel over their competition. Check out the native browser ChemDoodle Web Components for examples of how scientific interfaces and algorithms can take full advantage of web based approaches.

We also develop apps for mobile devices, such as the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Our ChemDoodle Mobile application is currently provided in the Apple App Store and the Android Marketplace.


iChemLabs also develops libraries for development and research purposes. Our library development is geared towards scientifically relevant methods and highly technical functionality that is applicable to current chemical informatics practices. Both open and closed source libraries are released so that we may have a high impact on the scientific community.

Custom Development, Consulting and Collaboration

iChemLabs also does consulting and custom development projects. We have expertise in desktop, mobile and web based technologies. Please contact us for more information or collaboration opportunities.

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