ChemDoodle User Licenses

Includes access and ALL features for:

ChemDoodle 2D
ChemDoodle 3D
ChemDoodle Mobile



+tax, USD, cancel anytime
ALL updates included




+tax, USD, cancel anytime
ALL updates included




+tax, USD, one-time purchase
ALL updates included


You get all ChemDoodle applications (2D, 3D, and Mobile) for a low cost subscription! Each option allows a single named user to use the software on up to two computers simultaneously. Simply choose to be billed monthly or annually. Subscriptions receive ALL updates and free support while active. Subscriptions are handled by our reseller, BMT Micro.

A Lifetime license is a one-time fee for access to the software for the rest of your life, including ALL updates and free support! This is a great deal and a must have for any professional chemist.

SITE LICENSE: If you are looking to purchase for an entire institution or organization, we offer site licenses. Please request a quote for your institution here. Site licenses cover an unlimited number of users, both on campus and off.

Common Purchasing Questions

  • How soon will I receive my license?

    License codes are displayed immediately on the purchase confirmation page, so you may begin using our software right away. We will also send your license code to the email address you specify when you purchase. So please double check you typed your email address correctly.

  • When does my subscription begin?

    Subscriptions begin immediately, on the day of purchase, regardless of whether you activate your license or not.

  • Can the price change during the course of my subscription?

    All renewals are locked in at the original price you paid. So as long as you keep renewing you will never see a price increase. If you cancel or your renewal fails, you will have to purchase anew at the then current price.

    Please note taxes and conversion rates are beyond the control of iChemLabs and may change.

  • How do I order multiple licenses?

    Once you click on a product to buy, a cart will appear. You may change the quantity of the license in this cart.

  • I paid for n Monthly subscriptions, but I received n separate Monthly subscriptions. Shouldn't I have received a n month subscription?

    No, a Monthly license is for an individual user, and if you purchase n Monthly licenses, you will be purchasing a Monthly subscription for each of n individual users, not a n month license.

    If you are only purchasing for yourself, simply purchase a single subscription and allow your subscription to renew for the duration of your use. Not only will you not have to pay everything upfront, but subscription prices are locked in for our customers, so you will be immune to any price increases.

    In the event you made a mistake and purchased n number of subscriptions assuming the license term would be cummulative for your use, please contact us and we will adjust your purchase to a n month license.

  • I need only one product provided in the plan, can I only purchase that one?

    No, our plans are very competitively priced, even if you only need one product. We do not license them separately. We are sure you will find all of the products very useful, as they work very well together.

  • I am tax exempt, how do I remove tax?

    As required by law, we must include tax where necessary.

    VAT Tax
    VAT tax will be applied to orders made outside of the United States, where applicable. If your organization is exempt from the VAT tax, you will have the option to enter your VAT number in the cart after selecting your country. Entering a valid VAT tax number will remove the VAT tax from your order.

    United States Sales Tax
    Unfortunately, United States sales tax is highly variable and subject to local regulations. Therefore, if you are tax exempt in the United States, please contact our reseller BMT Micro. Please have your tax exempt certificate ready. They will help you complete your tax exempt order.

  • Who is BMT Micro?

    Our reseller is BMT Micro, a leading E-Commerce provider. BMT Micro will process all payments, and will be the merchant of record for your purchase. BMT Micro is safe and secure, and does not share any of your financial information with iChemLabs.

    You can click here to download the BMT Micro W-9 form.

  • I need a copy of your W-9 form, where can I get it?

    You need a copy of BMT Micro's W-9 form, as they are our reseller and process your financial transaction. You can click here to download the BMT Micro W-9 form.

  • Is there an academic discount?

    Yes, we offer a significant academic discount on our Site licenses. Please request a quote for a Site license here. As for our subscriptions or Lifetime licenses, we are sorry but we price our software as low as we possibly can.

  • Can we purchase a Site license for our company/institution?

    Yes, we do provide Site licenses to cover your entire institution. Please request a quote here.

  • Do you offer a reseller discount?

    Yes, we offer a generous reseller discount on license quantities of 100 or more. Please request a quote here.

  • Can I obtain a quote before I order?

    You can request a quote here for Site licenses and Lifetime licenses. Please note that we do not provide quotes for user subscriptions, those prices are displayed above.

  • Can I pay by purchase order?

    Subscriptions can not be purchased by purchase order. However, Site licenses and Lifetime licenses can be purchased by purchase order. Please use our form to request a quote.

  • Can I purchase for someone else?

    Yes, simply select the Purchase is for someone else checkbox in the cart and fill in the recipient's information. Our reseller will send you a receipt, and send the product information including the license code to the recipient.

  • How do I pay in a different currency?

    Our native currency is USD and your order will be shown in USD by default. You may change the currency by using the currency selection at the top of the cart after clicking on a buy now button above. This will help you avoid conversion fees from your payment method, if applicable.

  • Why does the non-USD price keep changing?

    Our native currency is USD. Our prices will update in other currencies on a scheduled basis as the exchange rate with USD changes. For a stable rate, switch your payment to USD.

  • I have a question about subscriptions, licensing or Site licenses.

    Please see our licensing page: Licensing

    If your question is not answered there, please contact sales as we are more than happy to answer your question.

  • Do you offer a perpetual license, or one that doesn't expire?

    Yes, the Lifetime license above is a perpetual license that lasts for the rest of your life.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Please see our refund policy here: Refund Policy