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Here you will find resources and information to help you use iChemLabs software.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Can you reset my license?

    You can manually reset your license on this page: Reset License

  • The software gives me an error about not being able to connect to the internet. How do I activate?

    iChemLabs desktop applications require access to the internet for activation.

    Firewall Issues

    If your firewall blocks internet connections from Java applications (iChemLabs desktop applications are Java based), then our desktop applications will not be allowed to connect to the internet. An administrator should set up a special exception to allow iChemLabs applications to connect to the internet, at least for activation. There are no exceptions to our activation procedure.

    iChemLabs applications connect to the iChemLabs server via HTTPS, port 443, at the following origin:

    Proxy Issues

    If you use a proxy to access the internet, ChemDoodle will use the default system proxy information to connect to the internet. If that fails, then you will need to manually define the proxy settings in the proxy.config file that is located in the config folder in the ChemDoodle installation folder.

  • Where can I download your software?

    You can download iChemLabs software on this page: Download iChemLabs Software

  • Does your software run on Chrome OS or a browser based operating system?

    Some of our products support Chrome OS. Please see this page for system requirements: Download iChemLabs Software

  • How do I use a certain feature in the software?

    Please see the master documentation for the software to learn how to use it. If the information is not in the master document, please contact us.

  • I do not want to read the user manual. Can you teach me how to use the software?

    No. Support is for individuals that need help resolving issues with our software, it is not for training. Refusing to read the user guide is not an issue with our software. The user guides are well formatted and organized, are fully searchable, and come with a completely linked table of contents and index. Please take the time to review them.

  • Do you offer training for your software?

    Yes, training is provided at additional cost. Please contact us for details.

  • I have a question about an older, unsupported, version of your software. Can you help?

    We are sorry, but we only support the latest versions of our software. You can see which versions are supported on our Download page.

  • Can you add this feature?

    Feature requests are made for our software every day. Some features are beyond the scope of our software and we will try to explain why in a response. For example, a widget to perform ab initio calculations is beyond the scope of ChemDoodle 2D as its focus is on chemical graphics, informatics and publishing. Otherwise, every requested feature is intended for a future update, and we are serious about implementing the features you want. That being said, some may wonder why the feature they requested is taking so long to implement. Here is how our feature request system works and how we prioritize the features that we work on.

    1. All feature requests (from customers and non-customers) are considered and are reported to our development tracking system.
    2. Feature requests are associated with a score based on the popularity of the request. Each feature begins with a score of 0. The score is then incremented by 1 for each unique customer that requests that feature (including the initial request if done by a customer). Non-customers that request features do not affect feature scores.
    3. Once a month, we reevaluate the scores and plan our development around the features with the highest scores.
    4. When a feature is completed, it is removed from our development tracking system.

    Therefore, to get the features you want implemented as fast as possible, do the following two things: (1) Please let us know about the feature you would like to see implemented using our contact form and (2) get as many unique customers of iChemLabs software to request the same feature as possible.

Master Documentation

Here are links to the master documentation for each of our products.

User manuals are free to download. They are in PDF format, fully searchable with a fully linked table of contents and index.

Introduction Videos

You can find all of our videos on our YouTube channel here.

how to draw a molecule, style and name it
how to build a molecule, style it and run the optimizer