• A Leader in Scientific Software

    Our tools are some of the most powerful and popular in the industry. Our desktop software is used by thousands of institutions in over 90 countries. Our web software is licensed by some of the largest companies in our industry. Our mobile software is among the most downloaded.

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  • Best in class

    iChemLabs is an established company with a decade of history. Our company and products are featured in magazines and journals, and are continuously covered in blogs.

    Our partners span the range of companies working in the sciences, from education to small technology shops to big pharma.

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  • Experts in the Latest Technologies

    No matter your goals, iChemLabs provides the tools for reaching your users across any platform, desktop, web or mobile. Try out our end user software today, or contact us to set up a free webinar to show you how our solutions help you to immediately reach your goals.

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  • Informatics and Graphics

    From the storage and communication of scientific information, to the display of the graphics ranging from publication quality to artsy and creative, iChemLabs has expertise and tools to help you complete any job.

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See our Products

iChemLabs™ produces high quality software solutions with a focus on accessibility and quality for students and scientists. It is a goal of ours to support all operating systems including Linux, all web browsers for our web technologies, and all platforms including mobile and emerging devices. iChemLabs also provides custom development to our clients.


Our flagship desktop product is the chemical structure environment and publishing tool, ChemDoodle®. Those looking for an advanced 3D system that allows molecule building should check out ChemDoodle 3D. iChemLabs supports its applications on Windows, Mac and Linux.

There is also a huge potential for web applications to revolutionize how the sciences are presented. We specialize in cutting edge web technologies and provide creative solutions for organizations looking to excel over their competition. Check out the native browser ChemDoodle Web Components for examples of how scientific interfaces and algorithms can take full advantage of web based approaches.

We also develop apps for mobile devices, such as the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Our ChemDoodle Mobile app is provided as a progressive web application, and can be run on any mobile device supporting HTML5.

Our enterprise solution is the fully featured ChemStack® package allowing for the immediate creation of intelligent chemical systems.