ChemDoodle 3.3.1 has been released! We provide this upgrade, free of charge, to our existing customers.

Executive Summary

This is a minor bugfix update, addressing minor issues brought to our attention. This update also brings compatibility with ChemDoodle Web Components v4.0.


  1. Zigzag and Wavy bond amplitudes can now be specified.
  2. Updated ChemDoodle Web Components support to version 4.0. Added the missing visual specification for determining if hidden carbon labels are displayed.


  1. Fixed rare issue where widgets were misplaced upon opening ChemDoodle on large monitors.
  2. SVG files are now correctly recognized when dropped on the Doodle Board.
  3. Fixed bug where hydride labels (H-) were not being parsed correctly and caused copy/paste issues.
  4. Fixed bug where monovalent abreviations before a number were not properly parsed.
  5. Fixed the Symbols widget filter.
  6. Corrected the superscript for first order Chi connectivity indices.
  7. Improved dynamic bracket enumeration text positioning and fixed an issue where the enumeration text was clipped.
  8. Dynamic brackets are now correctly saved/opened from ChemDoodle Documents.