Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, released on Monday, finally brings HTML5 compatibility to the IE brand. All 2D ChemDoodle Web Components work perfectly in IE9, including full support for the sketcher. Older versions of IE (6-8) are also supported with Google Chrome Frame. iChemLabs is the only company to work with HTML5 technologies in the sciences.

The ChemDoodle Web Components library is now at version 4.2.2. iChemLabs cloud services now work in all browsers, including IE9 and Opera.

Performance of 3D ChemDoodle Web Components in Google Chrome has been drastically improved such that even very large scenes and animations run smoothly. The 3D components now run beautifully in all browsers that support WebGL.

For those considering a web sketching component, the ChemDoodle web sketcher is the only true HTML5 chemical sketcher to be fully supported across all browsers. Our sketcher is also linked with the ChemDoodle API and provides access to advanced cheminformatics and graphics functions that other web based sketchers cannot provide. Our sketcher also works on and is optimized for mobile devices such as iPhones/iPads and Android devices. Lastly, our sketcher is completely customizable and extensible and can be linked with spectroscopy, reaction and 3D components. It is time to replace those frustrating applets with our HTML5 sketcher, and provide a next-generation experience for your users. Contact us for custom development, integration and support to take advantage of this technology for your business.