We are happy to announce ChemDoodle Mobile, which has been released for iOS today. An Android version is being readied for release as well. ChemDoodle Mobile is a free app. All ChemDoodle desktop customers receive free access to ChemDoodle Mobile. Use the email address you purchased ChemDoodle desktop with as your username. Your password is the last 4 characters of your activation code.

ChemDoodle Mobile is the mobile companion to the popular chemical publishing desktop application, ChemDoodle. ChemDoodle Mobile is available for both iOS (iPod Touch/iPhone) and Android phones (coming soon).

ChemDoodle Mobile is a calculator for drawn organic structures. There are four main windows: Draw, Calculate, Spectra and Help. The Draw window shows a typical ChemDoodle sketcher, where you can draw and store your structures. The Calculate page calculates properties and the Spectra page simulates NMR spectra. All spectra are interactive. The Help page contains a thorough help guide.

The official ChemDoodle Mobile site is here.
ChemDoodle Mobile can be found on iTunes here.