The Gordon Research Conference flew by quickly, mostly due to the constant excitement at all of the sessions. The week was incredibly intense and we had a great time meeting a lot of very intelligent people from within our industry and outside of it.

From iChemLabs, both myself and Joe Polak were present at this conference. I presented the ChemDoodle Web Components, HTML5 and what I believe the impact of these technologies are on the future of science and education. The underlying message is that we can use these new technologies to further spread science on the web and reduce the cost of education.

Inside of our industry, we had a number of great discussions with Bob Hanson, the director of the Jmol project. We hope to see a lot of collaboration between our groups, and Bob has already been hard at work developing ChemDoodle/Jmol bridges. It was also a pleasure to meet with Matthias Keil from the Chemical Computing Group, with whom we were able to geek-speak about graphics cards and rendering techniques.

Outside of our industry, we met with individuals from academia, authors, cartoonists, and scientists from large companies like Adobe. Both Joe and I had a great time, and we are looking forward to the next one.

Of course, our entire team has still been hard at work, with ChemDoodle 4 on the way. Beta testing will begin on August 1st, so watch your emails for the invite.

The following is our group photo from the Gordon Research Conference, with myself and Joe pointed out. Click for a larger version.

Gordon Research Conference