ChemDoodle v4.1.1 has been released, fixing a number of issues that are listed below. Also, ChemDoodle Web Components v4.4.2 is released, with better Android support, and ChemDoodle Mobile v1.2.3 for Android has been released to support the latest updates to Android 2.

Executive Summary

This minor update fixes a number of issues.


  1. Fixed rare, but serious, issue where a corrupted autosave would prevent ChemDoodle from loading. Corrupted autosaves are now just renamed so they can be recovered, if possible.
  2. Greatly improved compatibility with ISIS/Sketch files, both SKC and TGF formats. Compressed labels are now read in properly, and various bugs have been fixed.
  3. Fixed bug where TLC plates were not properly read in from ChemDoodle Documents.
  4. Recessed bonds are now properly anti-aliased.
  5. Fixed rare stereochemistry issue where a very complex structure would not be analyzed correctly.
  6. Fixed issue where ODG output would not preserve transform scaling.
  7. Fixed issue where bitmap images from other programs would fail to be pasted, showing an embedded image failure box.
  8. Fixed where formatting was ignored when chemically interpretation was disabled for a single element label.
  9. The parent peak in the Elemental Analysis widget now correctly resizes when the widget is resized.
  10. Improved document shadow resizing, in some rare cases, it would not resize leaving an odd sized shadow behind the document.