We are happy to launch ChemDoodle Web Components 5. This update brings many features for those looking for a superior HTML5 chemical sketcher. We focused on further improving performance while adding in a multitude of new features that will be very useful in a wide range of scientific industries. And of course, the ChemDoodle Web Components (including the new Full Sketcher) are completely functional and easy to use on iOS and Android. Try it out today and see why ChemDoodle is the universal chemical drawing standard.

Over the next few weeks we will be unveiling very attractive proprietary options for everyone from small businesses to large corporations to integrate the ChemDoodle Web Components into proprietary products.

Executive Summary

ChemDoodle Web Components 5 is a massive update. The most notable addition is a Full Sketcher, for drawing multiple molecules, shapes and figures, in addition to the Single Molecule Sketcher already provided. iChemLabs Cloud services and the ChemDoodle JSON format have been updated and drastically improved. The entire codebase has been reoptimized and cleaned, doubling the performance in desktop browsers and more than quadrupling the performance in mobile browsers. All Canvases now handle managing multiple molecules and shapes. Many new additions have been added and dozens of bug fixes have been implemented. We will be unrolling our new proprietary options over the next month, but of course, everything is available for free today under the GPL license!

New Features

  1. A Full Molecule sketcher is now provided for drawing much more complex chemical figures. Multiple molecules and shapes can be drawn with a lasso tool and new shortcuts. Modeled fully off of the ChemDoodle desktop software. This is initialized from the same SketcherCanvas class, which now takes options in its constructor. The sketcher now includes icons embedded as data URIs, no need to manage these files separately anymore.
  2. Canvases now manage multiple molecules. New functions have been added to the _Canvas class for molecules. For updaters, please note that the _Canvas.molecule parameter no longer exists.
  3. Canvases now manage shapes. New functions have been added to the _Canvas class for shapes. Shapes include reaction arrows and electron pushing arrows. More shapes to come!
  4. Formalized the native ChemDoodle Web Components format, ChemDoodle JSON, which now handles all chemical objects and shapes.
  5. iChemLabs Cloud services have been simplified and now take options in all functions for much more controllable functionality.
  6. Graphical bounds calculation is now much more accurate.
  7. Added support for RXN files.
  8. Android support for multitouch gestures!
  9. Fixed issues where ChemDoodle Web Components sometimes could not be initialized after the document was closed.
  10. Significant code optimizations, improving speed more than 2x in desktop browsers and more than 4x in mobile browsers. For updaters, please note that the ChemDoodle Web Components no longer makes use of Javascript null, the ChemDoodle Web Components now only recognizes Javascript undefined. All modules now enforce strict mode.
  11. Updated jQuery to version 1.8.3, jQuery mousewheel to 3.0.6, glMatrix to 1.3.7, and jQuery UI to 1.9.2. For updaters, please make note of library name changes.
  12. Updated the tutorial, the API now documents everything and all documentation is thorough.
  13. Fixed dozens of bugs.
  14. And so much more. For technical support in updating to the latest and greatest ChemDoodle Web Components, please view our support options.