A minor update for the ChemDoodle Web Components has been released, version 5.2.2. This update fixes some issues, and most notably stabilizes our WebGL text system. We have updated a few of our demos to show off this feature:

Executive Summary

This minor update provides some improvements and bug fixes.


  1. The compass in WebGL scenes will now display labels for the axes.
  2. Added an option for back face culling in WebGL scenes, which improves performance. This is enabled by default.


  1. Updated jQuery mousewheel to fix Firefox behavior.
  2. JSONInterpreter now handles bond orders of 0.
  3. Lone pairs and radicals will now better space themselves around atom geometries with evenly distributed bonds.
  4. Fixed issue where text would not render in WebGL scenes in Safari.
  5. Fixed bug where some elements would not show labels in WebGL scenes when turned on.
  6. Moved VisualSpecifications.getFontString() to ChemDoodle.extensions.getFontString().
  7. Mobile support is now enabled only for supported mobile OSs. This also avoids the issue where the mobile controls overrode the keyboard and mouse controls on hybrid PCs.
  8. Double click no longer centers in the Full Sketcher, which was very sensitive.
  9. Fixed Full Sketcher issue where starting carbon atoms could be created on top of each other.