Since Ubuntu 9.04 was released with a newer version of Java, we just had to try ChemDoodle on the upgraded OS. We all agree that ChemDoodle on Ubuntu 9.04 is faster than on previous versions of the OS and several Java glitches have been repaired, most notably, the missing borders around comboboxes.

UPDATE: ChemDoodle 2 was released on 5/27/09.

Warning: Please consult with a system administrator before upgrading to Ubuntu 9.04. We encountered a very nasty bug that led to just a black screen on startup after the update. We were unable to recover the partition without a backup. Make sure you back up your data before upgrading Ubuntu!

Warnings aside, if you can safely and successfully install Ubuntu 9.04, we recommend it. ChemDoodle’s performance is definitely improved with this upgrade.

Here’s a screen showing the entire ChemDoodle interface with Ubuntu 9.04 and additionally, a small doodle I drew.