We are pleased to announce that ChemDoodle 7 is available. Included are significant new features and improvements (details below).

We have also put together a live webinar system to help users get to know ChemDoodle and transition to new updates. You can sign up for free here: https://www.chemdoodle.com/webinars. If all webinars fill up, please check again later, as new webinars will be added.

As always, we will continue to improve ChemDoodle and work on all of the requests we have received. Users like you help us make ChemDoodle the best option for chemical drawing and inspire us to continue. So please keep telling your students, friends and colleagues about ChemDoodle. Thank you!


New features in ChemDoodle 7:

  1. A new and improved interface based on the feedback from the last 6 years. The new interface is focused on the content and allows you to maximize your drawing areas. Widgets are now floating and can be individually enabled and disabled.
  2. ChemDoodle 3D. A new application for creating 3D graphics and more for the sciences. You have full control over the 3D graphics and animations, including text. Distance, angle and torsion measurements are provided. Also a corresponding builder for 3D ChemDoodle Web Components. There is so much more.
  3. Full multipage document support. Create lists of pages or grids. Draw between all pages and print them out.
  4. BioArt. Large, full color, libraries of new art for use in biological figures, including animals, organs and organelles.
  5. A set of 48 safety symbols included in the glassware set.
  6. Significant performance improvements, in many cases 20x faster than v6. ChemDoodle will now load faster, work faster and respond faster.
  7. New drawing features: collapse fragments to labels, incrementing list attributes (to quickly number or designate parts of structures), new TLC options, rotate atom labels if only a single atom is selected (as opposed to the global option), and more visual specifications among others.
  8. Twitter integration.
  9. Integration with the LabArchives ELN.
  10. Support for both Java 6 and 7 on Mac OS X.
  11. Dozens more improvements and additions.