Somerset, NJ, March 20th, 2015

iChemLabs™ LLC, the developer of the popular and critically acclaimed ChemDoodle® brand of chemical drawing software, announces ChemStack™, a complete solution for delivering intelligent chemical systems. Building on the success of ChemDoodle Desktop, ChemDoodle Mobile and ChemDoodle Web Components, ChemStack enables a new generation of chemical software, with unparalleled features, speed, customization, integration and deployment options.

“For nearly a decade, iChemLabs has been delivering rich, flexible and user friendly tools to the scientific community for drawing chemical structures integrated with a suite of powerful cheminformatics tools”, says Rudy Potenzone, Chief Business Officer of iChemLabs. Rudy adds “With ChemStack, we are completing our suite of offerings by significantly expanding our tools with a rich chemical search and retrieval system in an all inclusive enterprise solution. The many built-in algorithms and related tools allow our customers to create the best chemistry systems available, with full access to our Java cheminformatics and Javascript/HTML5 interfaces APIs for deploying any chemical solution on desktop, web and mobile devices.”

ChemStack includes all of the tools needed to create intelligent chemical systems, with a focus on chemical search systems. Users can make use of the built in database or integrate with a legacy database. HTML5 interfaces can quickly be built to allow for exact compound, substructure or a selection of similarity search options. iChemLabs also introduces its new and user friendly query interfaces for performing very advanced searches. The queries can be set up in the Sketcher on a web page, through our Desktop or on any iOS or Android mobile device. The blazingly fast retrieval allows users to explore stored data and quickly find compounds of interest.

ChemStack is available today and can be previewed on our website.

About iChemLabs

iChemLabs, LLC. is a scientific software company excelling in cheminformatics algorithms, visualization and graphics, and groundbreaking technologies such as HTML5/Canvas/WebGL. iChemLabs produces the popular ChemDoodle brand of chemical drawing software across desktop, web and mobile devices. iChemLabs partners with companies across all industries to help create the best digital and software experiences for scientists.

For more information on ChemStack or to discuss licensing options, please visit our website. ChemStack can be previewed online here:

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