ChemDoodle 2 was just released and several institutions have signed up for site licenses. To be even more generous, we now offer an incredibly low cost annual subscription license for ChemDoodle. The following two options are perfect for universities and companies and will save your institution thousands and thousands of dollars.

Option 1: Your institution may purchase an annual subscription license for an unlimited number of users for only $999.

This option is perfect for companies and institutions that require a low cost option for quality chemical drawing software. For a fraction of the cost of our competitors, you will receive an annual subscription for a completely unlimited number of members. Have 1,000 employees or 10,000 or 100,000? No problem, it’s only $999! Even better, we have streamlined the process so this transaction is completed almost instantaneously and we provide free support in our forums.

Option 2: Completely eliminate your institution’s chemical drawing and publishing budget line item by asking your members to purchase a permanent license for ChemDoodle for a mere $59.95.

This option is perfect for universities with large classes. You may want to consider Option 1 to save your students money, but at $59.95, ChemDoodle is less than half the cost of the average chemistry textbook! It is very important for chemistry students to learn how to use chemical drawing software, as they will undoubtedly need to use it in their careers. Now, you can teach them how to do so with ChemDoodle, without charge to your university, and your students will have a permanent copy of ChemDoodle to take with them when they graduate. And of course, support is provided completely free in our forums.

Go to ChemDoodle’s buy now page for all purchasing options.