Dr. John Gardiner of the University of Manchester provides a review of ChemDoodle at his website. Dr. Gardiner discusses several common tasks a chemist can easily accomplish with ChemDoodle and compares it to another popular chemical drawing tool.

I would like to reinforce one feature Dr. Gardiner stressed: the ability to exchange ChemDraw files on Windows, Mac and Linux. ChemDoodle contains one of the most comprehensive chemical data conversion libraries in the industry, interpreting 16 of the most popular chemical file types. ChemDoodle can read and write both ChemDraw files (.cdx and .cdxml) and ISIS Sketch files (.skc and .tgf) in their entirety, including chemical objects and properties, colors, fonts, text, images, annotations, document settings and any other data provided. So if you are in need of an affordable tool to work with these files, ChemDoodle is perfect for you.

As always, we are still hard at work on ChemDoodle and development is progressing on a new secret project. Let us know if you have any thoughts about ChemDoodle, we are always glad to hear them. Thank you for your feedback Dr. Gardiner!