Thanks to the talented developers at Google, the ChemDoodle Web Components now work wonderfully in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Google now hosts Google Chrome Frame, a free (and easy to install) IE add-on that provides full support for the HTML 5 specification. With this add-on, the ChemDoodle Web Components now work in all major browsers on all major platforms, including IE (Windows), Apple Safari (Mac, Windows), Google Chrome/Chromium (Windows, Mac, Linux) and Mozilla Firefox (Windows, Mac, Linux).

A screenshot of the ChemDoodle Web Components running in IE is provided below. Google Chrome Frame was installed and IE was restarted. The library works nearly perfectly, with the same minor issues encountered in the standalone Google Chrome application. Notice it is also a preview of the soon to be released ChemDoodle Web Components v2.2, with advanced image handling capabilities, support for stereochemistry and at least two new component types.