We are pleased to announce that ChemDoodle v9 is available. ChemDoodle 9 is a major revision of every aspect of the software. We spent over 2 years overhauling and improving the cheminformatics engine, interface, drawing controls, image and chemical file types, graphics, and operating system compatibility. In addition to the new features, the entire codebase has been refactored for the current best standards to take advantage of the latest performance, memory and security features of the operating system.

You can find a detailed list of the changes in section 1.2 of the newly renovated user manual.

Site license users receive this upgrade for free. For a limited time user licenses (Single User, Home+Office) may purchase an upgrade to ChemDoodle v9 for a significant discount off the list price. To purchase the upgrade, click on the purchase upgrade link when prompted in ChemDoodle, then follow the instructions to update. Or, you may purchase at our upgrade store.

As always, we will continue to improve ChemDoodle and work on all of the requests we have received. Users like you help us make ChemDoodle the best option for chemical drawing and inspire us to continue. So please keep telling your students, friends and colleagues about ChemDoodle. Thank you!