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SciFindern provides relevant, highly actionable insights in an easy-to-use interface that integrates the touch screen friendly ChemDoodle chemical structure drawing tool.

Columbus, Ohio (September 18, 2018) – CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, partnered with iChemLabs to optimize the efficiency of chemical structure drawing in SciFindern, especially in touch devices, using ChemDoodle®. Built on the trusted chemical research collection from CAS, SciFindern sets a new standard with remarkably relevant search, incredible ease of use and answers you can take right to the lab.

“iChemLabs customized one of the leading chemistry sketchers and graphics drawing tools for the new SciFindern interface,” said Kevin Theisen, President, iChemLabs, LLC. “Our collaboration with CAS has been very successful in helping researchers develop and visualize better chemical structures more rapidly within SciFindern, and we look forward to continuing to provide SciFindern users with this best-in-class experience.”

With SciFindern, researchers can now add important chemical context to keyword searches with the addition of chemical structures. Reactions, substances and references can be searched at the same time. The most relevant results are returned with the first search, thanks to the best chemical relevancy engine and powerful, comprehensive filters for rapid focus developed by scientists and technologists at CAS.

Research indicates that scientists spend more than 50% of their time looking for information as opposed to doing research. SciFindern is specifically developed to reduce this burden and help researchers identify the best place to start their research. New content includes immediate access to full-text patents, with pointers to query-relevant pages within the documents; step-by-step synthetic protocols derived directly from the literature; and new synthesis prediction tools exclusive to SciFindern.

“SciFindern was developed based on thousands of interactions and surveys with researchers, and we are delighted they are confirming significantly reduced time spent searching for the right information thanks to SciFindern,” said Jonathan Taylor, Director, Solutions Marketing. “The convenience of utilizing ChemDoodle for structure drawing is an important benefit that is contributing to those time savings and better results.”

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About iChemLabs

iChemLabs, LLC. is a scientific software company excelling in cheminformatics algorithms, visualization and graphics, and groundbreaking technologies such as HTML5/Canvas/WebGL. iChemLabs provides expertise in desktop, mobile and web based technologies for both consulting and custom development. SciFinder utilizes the ChemDoodle Web Components library from iChemLabs for the chemical sketcher and the ChemDoodle Java API from iChemLabs for SVG graphics output and other algorithms. (