There is a new update to ChemDoodle 9 available today, v9.1. This update is recommended and free for all ChemDoodle 9 users. Details are below. You can download the latest version of ChemDoodle here. As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or bug reports concerning iChemLabs software, please contact us.

Executive Summary

This is a minor update to ChemDoodle 9, to fix reported issues and tweak a few features.


  1. Mass numbers now show relative abundance values in parenthesis for naturally occurring isotopes when setting this value in the right-click menu for atoms.
  2. A new option, Selection Tools Auto-select Last Object is now present in General Preferences to disable the automatic selection of content when a selection tool is activated.
  3. Superscript and subscript editing in text fields can now be accessed via the keyboard shortcuts ctrl+shift+= and ctrl+=, respectively.
  4. Strikethrough editing in text fields can now be accessed via the keyboard shortcut ctrl+X.
  5. Improved pasting placement location from the right-click menu.
  6. Updated isotopic mass data to the latest references available.


  1. The option to minimize space between lines in labels now is specific to atom labels, and will not affect captions.
  2. Fixed bug where captions would lose their hover ability when grouped and ungrouped.
  3. Fixed issue where individual atoms and captions could not be rotated.
  4. Fixed bug where manually placed charges would turn into automatically placed charges when copied and pasted.
  5. Fixed an issue where toolbar shortcuts were not saved properly.
  6. Corrected problem where formatting buttons did not update properly when moving the caret in text fields for atom labels and captions.
  7. Fixed Windows/Linux issue where formatting shortcuts were not being executed in text fields.
  8. Performance improvements for the rendering of spectra.
  9. Improvements to the structure cleaning algorithm.
  10. Fixed Elemental Analysis widget issue when calculating for structures containing uranium.
  11. Fixed isotopic mass for 59Co.
  12. Fixed a minor issue involving the output of text areas to ChemDraw files.
  13. Fixed bug where black outlines for rectangles were missing in output ChemDraw files.
  14. Fixed macOS issue where the native file chooser sometimes used the wrong extension in the name field when saving files.
  15. Fixed Windows/Linux issue where the cursor hotspot was not properly definedfor label tools.
  16. Resolved issues involving null colors from files.
  17. Fixed issue where modified hydrogen type SMARTS [HX1] were not being read correctly.
  18. Update messages are now clearer, with the ability to skip updates restored.
  19. Interface access to the online account has been removed as it is no longer available.