The Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling just published some of my work with my colleagues from UC: Berkeley. The article concerns the abstract depiction of voidspace topologies in three-periodic nets, such as zeolites and metal organic frameworks. You can obtain the article here.

At iChemLabs, we strive to push the limits of contemporary software into the future. This article is just one example of the ideas we will bring to this field. We provide innovation in graphics and informatics. We focus on both publication-quality graphics and new visualization techniques that facilitate research and engineering tasks (such as the abstract technique presented in the article). We will use our resources to provide informatics solutions to new areas, such as materials engineering.

I have displayed some of my favorite graphics from the publication to finish this post. These are T-rings for various zeolite structures. Which shapes or animals can you see? Graphics for the entire IZA database of zeolites (around 200) are provided in the supplemental information along with the publication.