Feature requests are made for ChemDoodle almost every day. Some features are beyond the scope of ChemDoodle and we will try to explain why in a response. For example, a widget to perform ab initio calculations is beyond the scope of ChemDoodle as its focus is on chemical graphics and publishing. Otherwise, every requested feature is intended for a future update to ChemDoodle, and we are serious about implementing the features you want. That being said, some may wonder why the feature they requested is taking so long to implement. Here, I describe how our feature request system works and how we prioritize the features that we work on.

  1. All feature requests (from customers and non-customers) are considered and are reported to our development tracking system.
  2. Feature requests are associated with a score based on the popularity of the request. Each feature begins with a score of 0. The score is then incremented by 1 for each unique customer that requests that feature (including the initial request if done by a customer). Non-customers that request features do not affect feature scores.
  3. Once a month, we reevaluate the scores and plan our development around the features with the highest scores.
  4. When a feature is completed, it is removed from our development tracking system.

Therefore, to get the features you want implemented in ChemDoodle as fast as possible, do the following two things: (1) Please let us know about the feature you would like to see implemented using our contact form and (2) get as many unique ChemDoodle customers to request the same feature as possible.