Chris Swain from Macs in Chemistry has reviewed ChemDoodle 3. He takes a thorough look at the drawing functions and widgets presented in ChemDoodle and investigates other features such as round-trip editing and the creation of chemical webpages. Note that Chris reviews ChemDoodle for Mac OS X, but ChemDoodle is also available on Windows and Linux and all features are available on all operating systems.

His review is very positive and the summary is duplicated here:

“I have to say I’m impressed with ChemDoodle, it has come a long way in a very short period of time. It provides all the basic functionality you could want in a desktop chemical drawing package, and once they have completed the work on adding round trip editing for other applications it will be pretty tough for anyone to better. The “Search” and “MolGrabber” widgets are brilliant ideas and I’m sure will become indispensable.”

There is so much that we provide in ChemDoodle. You will easily use it to produce any graphics that you desire for your scientific publications, posters, emails, websites and presentations. ChemDoodle is very affordably priced at only $59.95 for a single user! Chris’s full review can be found at the following url:

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