ChemDoodle 3, a powerful tool for drawing molecule structures and more advanced chemical graphics and publishing, now reads and writes the formats of all chemical sketchers. This major release provides hundreds of new features including NMR simulation, chemical file searching, improved graphics capabilities, the generation of interactive chemical web components, and improved performance.

Piscataway, NJ – June 25, 2010 – iChemLabs, a developer of chemical software for students and professionals, announces that ChemDoodle 3 is now available. Because ChemDoodle works on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux, and supports 24 popular chemical file types, ChemDoodle is the most portable and compatible application available for molecule drawing and chemical sketching. ChemDoodle is available for purchase today at our ChemDoodle buy now page.

ChemDoodle 3

ChemDoodle 3

Over 100 trials of ChemDoodle are requested each day, marking an important milestone in making ChemDoodle the most popular chemical drawing program available on all three operating systems, Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

After only two years in the market, ChemDoodle has been sold to hundreds of institutions around the world, including large and small businesses, Ivy League and state universities, law firms, and government institutions. As ChemDoodle becomes a mission critical application for our customers, iChemLabs will continue to improve and advance ChemDoodle to provide all functionality necessary.

ChemDoodle is available for download immediately. Registered purchasers of ChemDoodle get ChemDoodle 3 for free. New users can request a free 30 day trial of this high quality chemical sketcher. Trials can be downloaded with a single click.

About iChemLabs, LLC.:
iChemLabs, LLC. is a scientific software company specializing in all forms of computational chemistry including NMR simulation, chemical visualization, and chemical informatics.

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