There is a new feature update to ChemDoodle 2D today. Please see below for changes. These new updates require our new subscription (or lifetime) licenses, which can be purchased in our store. Site licenses get free access to the latest updates. To download the latest versions, please visit our download page. As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or bug reports concerning iChemLabs software, please contact us.

Executive Summary

This is a feature update to ChemDoodle 10. Major changes include the introduction of a new feature to query SciFinder-n from ChemDoodle and improvements to the stereochemistry engine.


  1. SciFinder-n integration. We have been working with our partners from the CAS to initiate SciFinder-n queries from ChemDoodle. Draw your query in ChemDoodle and search SciFinder-n by Substances, Suppliers, Reactions or References. These features require a SciFinder-n account.


  1. Improvements to molecular and radical formula interpretation, making sure to preserve implicit hydrogen counts and charge.
  2. Fixed a bug when interpreting wedge diagrams for chiral stereochemistry that affected some complex ring system cases.
  3. Double bond stereochemistry is no longer resolved when two substituents on one side of the double bond have the same angle (they overlap) to the double bond.
  4. Double bond stereochemistry is no longer resolved when one side has only one substituent and it is collinear with the double bond.