There is a feature update (v10.0) to the ChemDoodle Web Components library today. Please see below for changes. Proprietary customers should see updates to their custom builds in their customer portal. As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or bug reports concerning iChemLabs software, please contact us.

Executive Summary

Version 10.0.0 of the ChemDoodle Web Components adds new features and modernizes much of the library. We include a new ReactJS plugin, more reaction features, new UIs icons, improved input event support, and more. jQuery has been removed from the core library.


  1. We now provide a ReactJS plugin for the ChemDoodle Web Components, named react-chemdoodle, in collaboration with Melanie Burger. Please see this tutorial page for more information.
  2. jQuery has been removed from the core ChemDoodle Web Components library. In 2009, when the ChemDoodle Web Components was first released, jQuery was an essential library for compatibility in the various browsers. Today, all browsers strictly support ECMAScript, and include many of the features jQuery facilitated. Therefore, it is no longer necessary and the entire core ChemDoodle Web Components library is written in vanilla JavaScript without jQuery. jQuery is still included in the UIs package, as we use jQuery UI for the interface elements. jQuery and jQuery UI are secure and embedded in the UIs package, so as not to cause issues with any applications the ChemDoodle Web Components is embedded with. jQuery UI is aging though, and we are looking into a more lightweight interfaces replacement for the UIs package.
  3. The jQuery mousewheel library has been completely removed as it is no longer necessary.
  4. All UIs icons have been updated to match the desktop software.
  5. The full sketcher now recognizes RXN file input when using the open function.
  6. SketcherCanvas and EditorCanvas3D toolbar managers now keep track of whether they have been written or not.
  7. Added ChemDoodle JSON support for reactants and products defined to arrows (Line objects).
  8. Added support for the input and output of atom mapping numbers in ChemDoodle JSON. Please note these values may be ignored on input as the ChemDoodle Web Components has algorithms for uniquely generating them from AtomMapping objects.
  9. Added a "contextmenu" event to the _Canvas class, listening to when the browser would open a context menu over a component. We have added an input event testing section to the input events tutorial page.


  1. Corrected issue outputting elements with clips defined to SVG images.
  2. Fixed label "for" link errors caused by the enhanced stereochemistry popup in the sketcher.
  3. Removed the workaround for a Safari bond line rendering bug that has been fixed in Safari.
  4. Fixed the "touchhold" event.